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100% Natural Delicious and Healthy

Real Fruit Infusion Tea

Your wish come true! A Tea Infusion with nothing but REAL Ingredients!

  • Perfect for any season. Enjoy delightful combinations of dried super fruits that you may enjoy hot or cold.
  • All Natural. Super Fruit by M brings pure organic yummy fruit to your daily diet. No added sugar or preservatives make this a healthy and delicious drink
  • Good for you. Our natural fruit teas promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • No caffeine. So you and your loved ones can enjoy it anytime of day.

A magical world of flavors in each cup, filled with wonderful aromas and colors, perfect in every way.


REAL Fruit Tea Infusions With Pure Greatness!

Perfect addition to your morning routine, afternoon tea, even night time since our fruit teas have no caffeine. We use the best nature has to offer with hard to find super fruits that have amazing natural benefits, many of our ancestors have been using these super fruits for centuries to stay healthy and cure any ailment. Guanabana or soursop for example has gained popularity for its cancer curing properties (FDA has not confirmed this). Many companies use soursop leaf tea to prevent and treat cancer, we are the only company that uses the actual fruit pulp for our tea, boosting the benefits.
Our Super Fruit Teas are full of wonderful benefits:
Boost your Immune System with Super Charged Exotic Fruits
Add tons of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your daily intake
– Drink your favorite Lemon Alkaline tea to restore and balance your Body
– Enjoy anytime of day, hot or cold
– Perfect to share with Friends and Family

This a great gift for someone who enjoys teas and would love to discover new and true flavors. Light and Easy to travel with, you can take it anywhere.

SuperFruits By M® products are non-GMO, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free, and free from contamination from the top 8 food allergen groups.