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Savory Organic Strawberry Chips

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Dried Organic Strawberry with nothing but strawberry greatness. We add no sweeteners or coloring to our strawberries, why would we? Our strawberries are amazing all by themselves! A fantastic way to more fruit in your diet and trust me when I say, it’s impossible to eat just one.


Strawberries are something everyone enjoys, thanks to their sweetness and sheer versatility. With our Savory organic dried strawberry chips you can enjoy strawberries any time of day, whether you want a little treat during the day or want to enhance your morning cereals and oatmeal with the sweet flavor.

Nothing added, no sweeteners, no dyes, just pure organic strawberries, giving you a snack that is just as nature intended and is ready boost up your snacking.

Add these strawberry chips to your cereal, smoothie bowl or snack straight from the bag. Organic strawberries provide over 100% of the daily recommended value for vitamin C.

Product Info

Weight : 2 oz.

Country of Origin: USA

1 review for Savory Organic Strawberry Chips

  1. Angelique

    Taste exactly like strawberry and I love the crunchiness of the this dried fruit!

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