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Natural Dehydrated Papaya Bites

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Naturally Sweet and Delicious Dried Papaya in a perfect bite size, ideal as a snack, or easy to add to your smoothie bowl or cereal. Snack your way to better health with these Natural Dehydrated Papaya Bites and without the need to cut up sticky fruit. With more Vitamin C than an orange, it’s easy to understand why Christopher Columbus called this fruit “the fruit of the angels”. Beautiful, delicious and healthy an amazing papaya combination.


Our dehydrated papaya slices are sweet and delicious. Some vary from crispy to chewy with amazing natural color and texture. Each papaya we use in our products was picked at its perfect ripeness and has had no sweeteners or dyes added to it. Each papaya is carefully sliced and dried so it’s a tasty bite size.

Nothing added, no sweeteners, no dyes, just pure papaya. We do our best to support local farmers, most of our papayas are grown in Florida.This must contribute to their irresistible flavor.

Did you know, Papaya has more vitamin C than an orange?  Add these papaya slices to your cereal, smoothie bowl or snack straight from the bag for a delicious and healthy energy boost.

Product Info:

Weight : 2 oz.

Country of Origin: USA . We do our best to support local farmers, most of our papayas are grown in Florida.

1 review for Natural Dehydrated Papaya Bites

  1. Joe G

    I love to add papaya bites to my oatmeal. The flavor is great and the texture is comforting.

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