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Out of this World Gourmet SuperFruit Blend

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An incredible combination of some of the world’s most exotic and rare fruit all in the palm of your hand. Enjoy a delightful mix of several superfruits including soursop, sapodilla, papaya, mango, dragonfruit, and strawberry. Each of these fruits have been selected, washed, peeled, sliced and dried so you can enjoy some of the best nature has to offer.


Get a little taste of super fruits from around the world with this Out of this World Gourmet SuperFruit Blend. Inside of each package is a mixture of dried exotic fruits that give you a full spectrum of flavor with every bite. Some of the fruits are rarer than others such as the sapodilla, dragonfruit and soursop while some of them offer you a taste of your favorite fruits and berries like strawberry, papaya and mango. Each one has a unique flavor and texture that will make this assortment of fruits the most delightful package in your pantry.

Each brings an amazing flavor, color and texture that will delight every one of your senses.

Completely natural as all our products are, nothing but real fruit, never any dyes, preservatives or sweeteners.

You can eat the fruit straight our of the bag as snacks, blend with smoothies, mix into your favorite cereal or acai bowl.

Product Info:

Weight : 2 oz.

Country of Origin: USA . We do our best to support local farmers.

2 reviews for Out of this World Gourmet SuperFruit Blend

  1. Blair B.

    I loved this fruit mix! This is my second time ordering these. They’re the Ferrari of dried fruits, Included exotic fruits like soursop and chikoo that I wasn’t able to find anywhere else! The fact that they add no sugar to the fruit totally got me hooked. Will be coming back for more for sure.

  2. Christopher

    Great mix of fruits and flavors. My new office snack.

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