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Alkaline Lemon + Ginger + Lemon Grass Tea / Infusion (8 Servings)

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A sensational and delicious real dried fruit tea – infusion with an amazing combination of ginger, lemon and lemon grass.  A perfect combination to balance and restore your body, removing the acidity from your system and boost your immune system. With easy to take biodegradable individual packets you can bring your tea with you anywhere and enjoy anytime.


Add a bit of honey to this tea / infusion and get ready to get your world rocked. This tasty tea combines the tang of citrus, the earthy lemony taste of lemongrass and the zing of ginger, helping to at once enliven and awaken the mind while also helping to restore your body. The alkaline nature of this tea has the ability to help promote lower levels of acid in the body. With all natural ingredients mother nature provides us, never any sweeteners, flavoring or preservatives, this tea infusion is naturally caffeine-free.

Enjoy it warm or iced, You will love it!

What’s included: Contains 8 single serving individual packed gourmet infusion mixes – Each individually wrapped bag contains a wonderful combination of natural ingredients.

Product Info: Origin USA

2 reviews for Alkaline Lemon + Ginger + Lemon Grass Tea / Infusion (8 Servings)

  1. Claudia

    This infusion is a perfect combination, I’m drinking it everyday to start my day, It’s not only delicious but also packed with healthy nutrients. It’s a must have in your diet.

  2. Daniel Martens

    Had a very good strong citrus flavor.

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