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Exclusive and Amazing Dehydrated Soursop Fruit

(4 customer reviews)

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A superfruit that lives up to everyone’s expectations. Not only does soursop / guanabana taste amazing, it has incredible health properties as well, all the way up to relieving arthritis, boosting your immune system, helps manage diabetes and fights cancer. This is definitely a super fruit you must try! Each soursop is selected, washed, peeled, and the seeds are removed before drying. Our dried soursop is easy to enjoy and hard to stop eating.


Is this really natural? Yes, we now sell all natural seedless soursop , with no dyes, no sweeteners or preservatives, just all natural dehydrated soursop.

Soursop has made its way into the health spotlight in recent years due to its purported ability to lower one’s risk of cancer among its many other health benefits. With the Exclusive and Amazing Dehydrated Soursop Fruit, you can give yourself a healthy snack to help lift your spirits during the day and munch your way to better health.

Talk about superfruits, soursop has amazing properties!

Soursop health benefits includes but is not limited to help fight cancer, supports eye health, relieves inflammation, helps manage diabetes, reduces stress, promotes liver health, and boosts your immune system.

Wow, this soursop is ready to supercharge you with goodness. You can eat them straight our of the bag as snacks, blend with smoothies, mix into your favorite cereal or acai bowl.

Product Info

Weight : 2 oz.

Country of Origin: USA.  We do our best to support local farmers, most of our soursop are grown in Florida.

4 reviews for Exclusive and Amazing Dehydrated Soursop Fruit

  1. Jorge E.

    Excellent and very good flavor, could eat without stopping.

  2. Nathalie Trabaud

    Love it! Perfect balance between sweet and sour. Bought it as a snack for my kid but ate it all myself.

  3. Angelique

    Absolutely delicious. I bring it to school as a snack and it fills you up

  4. Patricia

    Love this fruit! I have ordered it before and will order it again. Sweet with a bit of tangy, it is also slightly chewy. Really unique and exotic

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