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About us
About us

SuperFruits by M is Dedicated to Providing the Highest Quality of Exotic Fruits.

As a professional tennis player travelling around the world I always needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether I was just at airports, between practices or even during matches, fruit has always been the best snack alternative. An easy way to increase my energy, add fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to my everyday lifestyle, and an easy way to boost my immune system. It’s always best to train and complete with a healthy body.

In my quest to gain more knowledge and improve my performance and health I became a Certified Sports Nutritionist and would like to share my knowledge with my customers.
I learned about the difference in fruits and super fruits, and how much more nutritional value certain fruits can bring over others, sometimes even ten times more. Even though some might not be available locally for you, with SuperFruits By M you can receive these super charged fruits and boost your performance and healthy lifestyle.

Even now as a mother I want the best possible for my family, I want to see them grow healthy, full of energy and become the best version they can be. By teaching them at early stages in life to choose fruits instead of processed foods and candy we will help instill this healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

We make it easy for you, the dried super fruit we provide is already washed, peeled and ready to enjoy in our snacks, smoothies and teas.

We believe in preserving the most amounts of nutrients and natural character of each fruit and making these available to you all year round.

We never add any sugar, flavoring, preservatives or anything to our products, they are already Super themselves.

Located in South Florida we strive to provide you with fresh, and local fruits produced by hard-working farmers who take pride in producing the highest quality super fruit.

 We love nature and are eco-friendly, using mostly biodegradable packaging and recycled shipping boxes.